Dew of the Dawn


This is my stab at being accountable for myself really.  I have been on a juicing and lifestyle change since 7/11/11.  I love it so far!!  At this time I am really considering the raw lifestyle.  I've played around a bit and seem to like it.  At the moment I am mostly juicing.  I  have a bunch of yummy juices that I have made and will be sharing them throughout my juicing page.


Our First Haul

This is part of our first haul from the produce stand.  We have been schooled for sure!  Do not go to the supermarket or you will spend 2 times the amount for the same stuff!  We are super lucky to have a great produce stand down the street from us.  I think I go about 3 times a week.  I have found that a lot of people have started juicing recently.  I would like to meet some of them locally.  We started from watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead .  If you haven't seen this do it NOW.  It's been free on Netflix so far.  I don't care what size you are, this is a very inspiring movie!  So much so that I had to show Phil it the next day and he was on board!  This is big because my sweetheart doesn't like a lot of fruits and veggies.  He has been a trooper big time!!!  I have even gotten Miss Abigail to work with me on juices.  She tells me what she likes and doesn't like and I make sure to put the things she doesn't like in them with the help of Phil.  He's the blocker when she is sitting there...:)
So, please check back as you would like.  I hope you enjoy your stay!